HP Deskjet 3730 Manual (User Guide, Getting Started, and Setup)

With the small HP Deskjet 3730, HP is thus able to show what is the most compact multifunction printer on the market, which has an attractive look, ease of use (especially if using a mobile device) and a price somewhat contained. Starting with the visual, if we compare a multifunction printer to a bread box, this printer would be a box for small sticks, such as the compact size of the body of this printer. If we add to this an appealing look, with a very soft color scheme, thanks to the use of elements in bright white, matte white, and turquoise blue, this printer has all the (visual) arguments to be a success with the ‘millennials’. Save space with a compact all-in-one that can be placed on your desk, shelf, or anywhere else. Print in any room – without interruptions, Thanks to the optional whisper mode, the noise level is reduced to a minimum. Simplify your tasks, The display offers simple symbols for controlling the print, scan, and copy functions. Easily print borderless photos, flyers, and other documents at home. In terms of functionality, despite the compact dimensions, the HP Deskjet 3730 is able to perform the main functions of a multifunction model, such as traditional printing, copying, and scanning, so you only need to scan (or copy) one sheet at a time. This takes advantage of HP Scroll Scan technology, which allows you to scan any document, then send it to your mobile device. In terms of costs, this printer is relatively affordable, although the cost of use is higher than more complex models since the ink cartridges used (HP 304 models) only allow printing about 120 pages in black and 100 pages in color, which corresponds to a cost per page of ten cents in black and twelve cents in color. Thanks to the simple installation via your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can quickly establish a connection and start printing. Connect your smartphone or tablet PC directly to the HP Deskjet 3730 printer – and simply print without access to a network. And since we talk about mobility, the integration of a Wi-Fi connection allows you to use this Deskjet in conjunction with any Android, Apple, and Windows device, so you can easily print your documents or photos, being able to use both your home network, as well as a direct connection between devices.

HP DeskJet 3730 Manual (User Guide, Reference Guide, Setup Poster)

HP DeskJet 3730 Manual PDF

Download HP DeskJet 3730 Manual for Windows and macOS

Before downloading the manual, refer to the following operating systems to make sure the HP DeskJet 3730 printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid when installation, installing the driver, or using the printer.

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Download HP DeskJet 3730 User Guide, Getting Started Guide, and Setup Poster

The manual below includes all tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

HP DeskJet 3730 User Guide
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HP DeskJet 3730 Getting Started Guide
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HP DeskJet 3730 Setup Guide
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