How to fix Error 50.2 Fuser in HP Laserjet Printer

The error messages or numerical combos that appear on your printer’s LED display are known as printer error codes. They serve as educational instruments to highlight issues with system performance.

In a laserjet printer, there is a section that functions to heat the toner powder that sticks to the print media (paper) which is the result of printer processing according to the input received by the printer (eg text or images). It is with this section that the powder that has not yet adhered is heated and pressed so that the toner adheres perfectly.

The heating component is an element wrapped in a fuser film. If this heating part is damaged, the printer will have an error. 50.2 fuser error usually occurs in the heating part, especially the heating element, which may break.

The symptoms of damage that occurs are as follows:

  • When turned on, the printer will load first as usual, then before standby, a warning error 50.2 fuser error will appear.
  • The printer cannot print.

How to fix HP printer 50.2 Fuser Error

Alright, now let’s get straight to the repair step. To make repairs in this case, several steps will be explained, namely checking all components that may or have the potential to experience damage that can cause symptoms like those discussed above.

How to fix Error 50.2 Fuser in HP Laserjet Printer

HP 50.2 Fuser error

Recommended action:

  1. Turn off the power to the product, wait at least 30 seconds, and then turn on the power to the product and wait for the product to initialize.
  2. Turn off the product, wait at least 25 minutes, and then turn on the product.
  3. If you are using a surge protector, remove it. Plug the product cable directly into the wall socket. Turn on the power to the product.
  4. If the message 50.2 Fuser Error persists, contact HP support or check below for more details.

Check and repair the mechanical part of the fuser

At this stage the components that must be checked are:

  • Fuser sensors
  • Heater elements

We recommend taking it to a service location if the fuser sensors or heater element has a problem related to 50.2 Fuser Error, it requires a technician to fix it and the repair stages will differ depending on the type of your laserjet printer.

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