HP DesignJet Z6 Manual (User Guide and Assembly Instructions)

The HP DesignJet Z6 series is not only fast, but their pigmented ink also makes the prints very UV-resistant and stays true to color for a long time. The 2 ink drop sizes ensure attention to detail. In this way, color transitions are displayed in great detail and correctly. The newest feature, the touchscreen on the panel is not really new to the HP series and previously it came out on the T series. But this feature adds several menus that are more complete, and it’s easier to use. You can see the usage counter on the machine, everything has the information. Pixel Control is one of the most helpful improvements and makes a difference from the previous type. Pixel Control greatly controls the fall of the color ink drops and there is no ink buildup which makes the results of the HP DesignJet Z6 very detailed. Not having an ink dump, this means significant cost savings without having to waste money just buying an ink dump. Vertical Trimmer is one of the first breakthroughs made for photo printers, where Hp really thinks about the way consumers work. Therefore, the existence of a straight cutting knife for cutting borderless parts provides a solution for those of you who have very full work deadlines and must be complicated with additional cutters using a cutter. The Vertical Trimmer Dam pinned by HP is the only printer currently included in the engine. Dual Roll is also an added value for the HP DesignJet Z6, for the highest type HP has included a Dual Roll engine (Top & Bottom), Vertical Trimmer & Take Up Reel, but for this take-up reel, the buyer must add money because this becomes optional from HP itself. The dual-roll function on this machine is to make it easier for us to work faster because you don’t need to change the roll when a customer asks for another type of paper. You just need to install 2 different rolls and when printing you just select the material to be printed, and it will automatically change without you needing to open it or hold it. This additional feature guarantees that it will help you to work with this HP DesignJet Z6 because the USB direct feature when the files that are ready to print just plug in the USB, so you can print directly.

HP DesignJet Z6 Manual (User Guide and Assembly Instructions)

HP DesignJet Z6 Manual PDF

Download HP DesignJet Z6 Manual for Windows and macOS

Refer to the operating systems compatibility to ensure the HP Designjet Z6 PostScript printer is compatible with your PC or Mac specification to avoid when installation, installing the driver or when using the printer.

Download HP DesignJet Z6 User Guide and Assembly Instructions

The manual below includes all tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

HP DesignJet Z6 User Guide
File size: 7.90MB
*applicable for HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9+ Series

HP DesignJet Z6 Assembly Instructions
File size: 10.45MB

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