HP Deskjet 3633 Manual (User, Getting Started, and Setup Poster)

Technology has really evolved over the years, and this HP Deskjet 3633 printer is proof of that. Because there was a time when printers were big, heavy machines that were difficult to move. It took at least two to three people to carry a printer, and today there are much smaller models that can be easily carried by one person. Although these models still exist, the most compact is gaining momentum in the markets and are increasingly sold. This is what the printer offers us, with dimensions so small that even a young child can carry it without too much effort. There is no paper drawer, the printer only has the rear feed. If you don’t print a lot, you should only insert the paper that you need, otherwise, a lot of dust can get into the paper feed in the long run. Texts are printed properly, but show fraying at the edge and generally appear a bit washed out – detailed fonts in small sizes are much sharper on photo paper. The scanner is sufficient for simple scans and copies. However, the quality of detail is not enough for enlargements or high-quality photo scans. The scanning software from HP offers a clear, beginner-friendly interface for this purpose. The connoisseur is annoyed by the lack of setting options, which, however, should hardly be of interest to normal users. The HP Deskjet 3633 should be more than enough for many occasional users. Thanks to WLAN support, it can be quickly integrated into the home network, the housing is pleasantly compact and attractive, and the printing and scanning needs of infrequent users are covered. If you rely on our refill printer cartridges, even the printing costs are bearable, but photo printing should be avoided – otherwise, it will be expensive. Operation is via membrane keys on the top of the printer, and a small display gives the user feedback on the printer status. HP provides a quick start guide, and if you don’t have two left hands, the printer is quick to set up. Windows automatically installs basic drivers. If you want to use the full functionality of the HP Deskjet 3633, you have to install the drivers from the CD or download the latest drivers from HP. The installation was easy, but HP tries hard to force the Instant Ink subscription on you. With a free month, you want to get as many customers as possible to sign up for the ink subscription.

HP DeskJet 3633 Manual (User Guide, Getting Started Guide, Setup Poster)

HP DeskJet 3633 Manual PDF

Download HP DeskJet 3633 Manual for Windows and macOS

Before downloading the manual, refer to the operating system’s compatibility to make sure the HP DeskJet 3633 printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid when setting up the printer or when using the printer.

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Download HP DeskJet 3633 User Guide, Getting Started Guide, and Setup Poster

The manual below includes all tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

Download HP DeskJet 3630 Series Manual

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