HP ENVY 6452e Manual (HP+ User Guide and Setup)

Ease of use, the features reduced to the essentials – this is how HP wants to impress with the new HP ENVY 6452e multifunction printer. The most efficient way to do everything from home – on any device. Seamlessly print everyday and business documents, school assignments, photos, and much more – even from your smartphone or tablet. With its dimensions of 43x15x51 cm, this printer is not a huge multifunction printer. The American manufacturer has designed the case in a modern way, there is no display. Thanks to the automatic document feeder, multi-page documents can also be copied easily. The process can be started on the small control panel – optionally for black or color copies. If you accidentally set the number to two or more, quickly press the Cancel button. The number can only be increased and not decreased during the copying process. A 1A print quality. Since the HP ENVY 6452e lacks a display, the scanning process can only be started using the “HP Smart” software, but it is easy to use. Another good thing: the printer has an automatic document feeder. This makes it easy to scan several pages one after the other. For further print settings, users have to use the PC or the smartphone app – it takes getting used to. In addition, photo printing is slow and a bit expensive, and the noise level is extremely high. This HP ENVY 6452e is an HP + capable printer. Select HP + during product setup to take advantage of the benefits. HP + requires an HP account, an uninterrupted Internet connection, and the exclusive use of original HP printer cartridges for the life of the printer.

HP ENVY 6452e Manual (User Guide and Setup Poster)

HP ENVY 6452e Manual PDF

Download the HP ENVY 6452e Manual for Windows and macOS

Refer to the operating systems compatibility to avoid issues when installing or using the printer.

Download the HP ENVY 6452e User Guide and Setup Poster

The “e” series of HP printers is an additional package of Exclusive, concierge support for HP+ printers. The manual below includes a User Guide to teach the user how to use the printer and a Setup Poster to guide you on how to install the printer hardware.

HP ENVY 6452e User Guide
Filename: c07043346.pdf
File size: 2.48MB

HP ENVY 6452e Setup Poster
Filename: c07058904.pdf
File size: 0.65MB

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In brief, The HP ENVY 6452e is a compact and inexpensive inkjet printer, packed with all the features you could ask for from an MFP intended for family use. It can print, scan, photocopy and even fax various documents via your smartphone. The printing speed remains slow, but in return, you benefit from double-sided printing. While the automatic scanner (ADF) can photocopy an entire stack of 35 pages. Instead of an Ethernet port, you get a dual Bluetooth / Wi-Fi connection, which makes mobile printing through HP’s iOS / Android app particularly reliable.

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  1. This Envy 6452e printer is pathetic. Icannot get it online to do wireless printing. Iam within 4 feet of router and yes my computer is already contender to wifi. It too is 3-4 feet from router. PATHETIC!

    • Same problem. Sister’s works fine, mine did but won’t print from phone. Only pdf. Wonder if it is a setting on phone I accidentally changed?

  2. Hi, you can connect to the wireless and activate the hp+ features by follow the tutorial described in the setup poster section 4. Thank you

  3. My printer will not print, it sounds like it is setting up to print . paper comes out but no printing

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