HP PageWide Pro 552dw Manual (User Guide and Installation)

HP PageWide Pro 552dw is a business printer from HP that uses printing technology not inkjet or laser, but HP PageWide Technology with Pigmented Inks. Print results on various types of paper will look professional where text, diagrams, graphics, etc. will be clear and easy to read. The printed ink also lasts a long time and is not easily lost. In addition, you also benefit because with this technology you can be more efficient and do not need to replace cartridges frequently because it is more economical and can be used to print more pages. HP PageWide Pro 552dw in operation can accommodate up to 500 sheets of paper in the input tray and up to 50 sheets on the multi-purpose tray. Meanwhile, the output tray can fit up to 300 sheets of paper. The very good quality of the printouts is due, among other things, to the ink technology. HP uses pigment inks for the ink cartridges in PageWide printers. This is water-resistant, highlighter-proof, and has a long shelf life. The print quality of this printer can reach 1200×1200 optimized dpi (black) or up to 2400×1200 dpi (color). For print speed, this printer is suitable for supporting your busy business activities. The HP PageWide Pro 552dw can print at speeds of up to 50ppm, whether for printing in black and white or in color. This printer is very reliable to support dense business activities and requires high-frequency document printing. The duty cycle of this printer can reach 80,000 sheets of paper per month. This printer is also network-ready with built-in Ethernet and WiFi 802.11b/g/n. This printer is ideal for offices with a team size of 3 to 10 people. But you don’t have to worry about confidential documents falling into the wrong hands. With PIN printing you protect your documents and ensure that only you get your document. Convince yourself of the efficiency miracle of HP PageWide Pro 552dw. Please also read the information in the product data sheet.

HP PageWide Pro 552dw Manual (User Guide, Getting Started Guide, Setup Poster)

HP PageWide Pro 552dw Manual PDF

HP PageWide Pro 552dw Manual Instructions

Refer to the operating systems compatibility to ensure the HP PageWide Pro 552dw printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid issues when installing or using the printer.

Download the HP PageWide Pro 552dw User Guide and Installation Guide

The manual below includes all tutorials from the beginning to the advanced guide to using your printer.

HP PageWide Pro 552dw User Guide
Filename: c04997240.pdf
File size: 2.57MB

HP PageWide Pro 552dw Installation Guide
Filename: c05062718.pdf
File size: 2.08MB

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