HP PageWide Pro 772dw Manual (User Guide and Installation)

The print head on this HP PageWide Pro 772dw is as wide as a page of the paper. This makes it unnecessary to move the print head to the right and left like an ordinary ink printer. Because all the ink shoot nozzles are lined up as wide as the pages of the paper, the printing speed is very high. This makes it competitive with laser printers. Less moving parts make PageWide printer maintenance simpler. This is very helpful for companies that often use printers with fairly high intensity for a long time. Because maintenance costs are minimal. A large number of nozzles, the super small nozzle size, and the characteristic (of course) liquid printer ink make PageWide require special ink. HP uses pigment inks for PageWide printers. But, not ordinary pigment ink. The ratio of pigment and liquid in the ink for PageWide is different from that of ordinary pigment inks. HP decided to use a much larger number of pigment particles in the ink for its PageWide printers. This makes PageWide printers require less ink volume than regular ink printers to produce the same print. This pigment ink formula is also designed to dry very quickly when it meets air. This character is required because of the very high printing speed of the HP PageWide Pro 772dw printer. Of course, high drying speed can cause problems. Ink can dry on the nozzle or even in storage. To solve this problem, this special pigment ink formula has been designed to produce a kind of film when drying on the nozzle face. This membrane protects the nozzle and prevents the ink behind it from drying out easily. However, this thin film is also easy to “open” when printing begins. Of course, about 1 minute after printing stops, the nozzle on the PageWide print head is closed mechanically. The weakness of HP PageWide Pro 772dw currently lies in usable media. Unlike other printers, PageWide is designed for plain paper media. Paper with an irregular texture might have a problem. Meanwhile, paper with a vinyl coating also cannot be printed like a laser printer. This indeed makes PageWide printers more suitable for the use of large amounts of plain paper.

HP PageWide Pro 772dw Manual (User Guide and installation guide)

HP PageWide Pro 772dw Manual PDF

Download HP PageWide Pro 772dw Manual for Windows and macOS

Refer to the operating systems compatibility to ensure the HP PageWide Pro 772dw printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid issues when installing or using the printer.

Download HP PageWide Pro 772dw User Guide and Installation

The manual below includes all tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

HP PageWide Pro 772dw User Guide
File size: 3.63MB

HP PageWide Pro 772dw Hardware Installation Guide
File size: 3.95MB

*The manuals are applicable for HP PageWide Pro MFP 772-777 series including PageWide Pro 772dw, 772dn, P77740dn, P77740dw

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