HP Slim S01-pF1048xt Manual (User Guide)

The HP Slim S01-pF1048xt Desktop PC is a desktop computer that will meet all your needs, from productive needs to entertainment to fill your spare time when you are tired. In addition, with its compact size, this desktop PC from HP can be placed on your computer desk or work without having to use up more space. The performance of this HP Slim S01 desktop PC computer is supported by an eighth-generation Intel Core processor (available in the option of using an Intel Core i7-8700 processor (with 6 cores (12 threads) and a base clock speed of 3.2 GHz), Intel Core i5-8400 (with 6 core (6 threads) and a base clock speed of 2.8 GHz), and the Intel Core i3-8100 (with 4 cores (4 threads) and a base clock speed of 3.6)) which of course has a much-improved speed compared to the previous generation. Available in storage media options in the form of a 1 TB hard disk or 512 GB SSD. Also available in the option of using the NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 graphics processor which is capable enough to run 3D applications more optimally. DDR4 RAM memory that provides faster and more efficient performance (available in 4 GB and 8 GB RAM memory options). HP Slim S01-pF1048xt comes with a DVD RW which allows you to install applications using a DVD or CD.

HP Slim S01-pF1048xt Manual (User Guide, Getting Started Guide, and Setup Poster)

HP Slim S01-pF1048xt Manual PDF

Download HP Slim S01-pF1048xt Manual Instructions

Refer to the operating systems compatibility to ensure the HP Slim S01-pF1048xt Desktop PC is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid issues when installation, installing the driver or when using the Desktop PC.

Download HP Slim S01-pF1048xt User Guide Manual

The manual below includes a User Guide to teach the user how to use the Desktop PC to prepare the installation and assemble the computer.

HP Slim S01-pF1048xt – User Guide
Filename: HP-PC-User-Guide.pdf
Type: PDF
Size: 1.08MB

Above all, If you are looking for a simple desktop PC for everyday digital life and are primarily concerned with the costs, the HP Slim S01-pF1048xt Desktop PC could be worth a second look. Despite the very low costs, HP has decided to give almost every model an M.2 SSD as a system hard drive. This ensures a good base speed as long as the device can only be expected to use simple applications: word processing, surfing, social media – no problem! At best, you can trust the device to be easy image editing. The compact housing is equipped with a classic DVD burner. Network access is also possible either via LAN or WLAN. All HP Slim S01-pF1048xt Manuals available for download through the website owned and operated by HP Manual are copyrighted by HP Official or one of the third-party of HP official vendors. customer agrees to the applicable license or other agreement between HP or a third-party vendor and the customer.

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