HP U28 4K HDR Monitor Manual (User Guide and Quick Setup)

A decent monitor has recently been associated mainly with models for gamers, and the sector that actually needs a good monitor to work is a bit forgotten – be it because of the colors or the working space. The HP U28 4K HDR is a pretty versatile IPS monitor that doesn’t come across as expensive for its performance and flexibility. HP focuses on color reproduction with this screen: With a color space coverage of 100% in the sRGB area and 93% in the P3 area, you have a good basis for color-critical work on videos, photos, and graphics. The highlight: the panel is calibrated at the factory. However, hardware calibration is not possible. This shows that HP is less suitable for professionals. However, if you are an ambitious hobby photographer looking for a reliable work screen, you can find it here for little money. Thanks to many signal connections, an HDR-capable and bright panel, and FreeSync, the monitor can still be used to watch films after work. Because he undoubtedly has multimedia ambitions. For gaming, the screen can only be recommended for consoles up to 60 Hz, since the panel is not particularly fast. Thanks to full ergonomics and height adjustability, the screen is perfectly positioned on the desk. The HP U28 4K HDR monitor is packed in a surprisingly large cardboard box, in which we can also find a quite large set of cables, including a USB type C cable at both ends. It just so happens that this model can also power compatible equipment after connecting the image with a USB-C connector, but more about later. The monitor base is made of two parts and you do not need any tools to assemble it and connect it to the panel. It is completely made of metal and it must be admitted that it looks very neat. A flat foot allows you to easily use the surface under the screen. All HP U28 4K HDR monitor’s ports, as befits a monitor of this class, are aesthetically enclosed. The USB-C port allows you to simultaneously charge the connected device with a power of 65W while receiving the image signal. This is enough for any ultrabook, and should also be able to support the power supply of larger laptops, compatible with USB-C Power Delivery.

HP U28 4K HDR Monitor Manual (Quick Setup Guide)

HP U28 4K HDR Monitor Manual PDF

Download HP U28 4K HDR Monitor Manual for Windows and macOS

Refer to the operating systems compatibility to ensure the HP U28 4K HDR Monitor is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid issues when installing or using the Monitor.

Download HP U28 4K HDR Monitor User Guide and Quick Setup Manual

The manual below includes a User Guide to teach the user how to use the monitor, and a Quick Setup Guide to assist the monitor installation to the Windows PC or Mac.

HP U28 4K HDR Monitor User Guide
File size: 1.98MB

HP U28 4K HDR Monitor Quick Setup
File size: 1.76MB

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To sum up – the HP U28 4K HDR monitor made a very positive impression on us and we can certainly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a cheap but reliable tool for working in 4K with the possibility of connecting a laptop via USB-C (so that it charges). It’s just a piece of a good monitor. All HP U28 4K HDR Monitor Manuals available for download through the website owned and operated by HP Manual are copyrighted by HP Official or one of the third-party HP official vendors. customer agrees to the applicable license or other agreement between HP or a third-party vendor and the customer.

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