HP AMP 100 Printer Manual (User Guide, Quick Start, and Setup)

The HP AMP 100 Printer is more than a printer; it’s a complete office assistant! This AMP Printer is capable of more than just printing. The printer is a small printer that may be used at home. You won’t have to think too hard about where to put the machine on your desk because of its size. Paper handling is acceptable for a personal printer. The input tray can only handle 60 sheets of paper, while the output tray can only accommodate 25 sheets of standard paper. Obviously, the paper capacity isn’t something you’ll be concerned about because you probably won’t be doing a lot of printing at home. In addition to printing in color and black and white, the printer can also print directly from the phone. What makes it unique is that the HP AMP 100 has a built-in sound system that allows you to listen to music while working. In this scenario, you may simply connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music. In addition, the printer’s USB host allows you to charge your phone’s battery. This is the most enjoyable aspect of the model. This printer supports Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint, and Wireless Direct Printing through your Apple or Android smartphones when it comes to mobile printing connectivity. You may start completing your duties right away by connecting them wirelessly to your mobile devices. With modern technology, connectivity is crucial, and connecting to the Amp is simple. You may use NFC to play music through the Amp speaker by simply tapping your phone to the top of the speaker. You may also use the printer as a Bluetooth speaker to make and receive phone calls. It’s simple and quick to pair your phone. There’s also a USB connector, so you don’t have to worry about the Amp draining your phone’s battery. It is unquestionably necessary to install the HP AMP 100 printer driver software in order to use the printer. You have access to both the CD driver installation technique and the internet to obtain the driver.

HP AMP 100 Manual (User Guide and Setup Poster)

HP AMP 100 Manual PDF

Download HP AMP 100 Manual Instructions

Before downloading the manual, refer to the following operating systems to make sure the HP AMP 100 printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid when installation, installing the driver or using the printer.

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Download HP AMP 100 User Guide and Setup Poster Manual

The manual below includes all tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

HP AMP 100 User Guide
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HP AMP 100 Quick Start Guide
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HP AMP 100 Setup Poster
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in the end, It was very simple to set up—you can download the HP Smart app for Android or iPhone, and it didn’t take long. Once the printer was up and running, you could connect your (Android) phone to it over Bluetooth and start listening to Pandora. All HP AMP 100 Manuals available for download through the website owned and operated by HP Manual are copyrighted by HP Official or one of the third-party of HP official vendors. customer agrees to the applicable license or other agreement between HP or a third-party vendor and the customer.