HP Deskjet 3720 Manual (User Guide, Setup and Getting Started)

For every room and every place – this super-compact all-in-one has been designed to fit wherever you need it. Establish a connection quickly and accelerate the start of printing thanks to the easy installation via your smartphone or tablet. This HP Deskjet 3720 colorful and compact all-in-one impresses with its high performance. Multifunction printers still belong in every household: scanning documents, copying certificates, or printing applications without running into the copy shop – this saves time and effort. Good devices communicate via WLAN and Bluetooth with your PC, smartphone, or tablet, properly equipped devices even offer extras such as card readers or USB sockets for connecting cameras or USB sticks. The multifunction device from HP brings photos and graphics with natural colors onto the paper. The HP Deskjet 3720 printer only leaves feathers with graphics, because the contrast range and color fidelity have defects. The scanning is qualitatively okay, but the operation is a pure disaster. If you want to scan documents and photos with the printer, you need three hands. The device has neither a document feeder nor a glass plate on which the user can place the printed paper. There is no small storage space for the originals, so the user has to hold the document in front of the feeder with both hands, then a second person has to start the scanning or copying process at the push of a button on HP Deskjet 3720 or in the program.

HP DeskJet 3720 Manual (User Guide, Reference Guide, Setup Poster)

HP DeskJet 3720 Manual PDF

Download HP DeskJet 3720 Manual for Windows and macOS

Before downloading the manual, refer to the following operating systems to make sure the HP DeskJet 3720 printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid issues when installation, installing the driver or using the printer.

Download HP DeskJet 3720 User Guide, Reference Guide, and Setup Poster

The manual below includes all tutorials from beginning to advanced guide to using your printer.

HP DeskJet 3720 User Guide
File size: 2.47MB

HP DeskJet 3720 Setup Guide
File size: 0.81MB

HP DeskJet 3720 Getting Started Guide
File size: 1.32MB

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