HP ENVY Inspire 7958e Manual (User Guide and Reference)

With its angular design, the printer itself is reminiscent of the current Officejet printers and the “Neverstop” toner tankers. Despite the new housing, there are familiar options for processing paper. The closed lower main compartment can store up to 125 sheets of plain paper. The paper tray is designed for up to 60 sheets. HP ENVY Inspire 7958e also includes automatic duplex printing on A4 size plain paper. Among other things, photos can be printed without borders. This applies to all common formats from 10×15 cm up to A4. A combination of duplex and borderless printing is sometimes even possible. The presentation video shows the lettering of postcard photos on the back. However, this will probably require special paper. There are no innovations to the predecessor in the printing unit. When printing on plain paper, an ISO speed of 15 ipm in monochrome or 10 ipm in color mode applies. The specialty is that not only the dye colors but also the pigment black is used on glossy paper. The pigments hardly penetrate the paper and act there almost like foreign bodies with different gloss properties than the colors. Originals or photos can be placed on the flatbed. The CIS sensor has a resolution of up to optical 1,200 dpi. There is also an original feeder for documents that can automatically process up to 35 sheets in one pass. For the “ideal” use of HP ENVY Inspire 7958e with the “Smart App”, integration into a network via WLAN or Wifi-Direkt is necessary. The Ethernet interface has been omitted. For mobile printing (and scanning), the Airprint standards from Apple or Mopria for Android or Windows apply. The “HP Smart App” is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Recently, you can also print on the go via the cloud if you have decided on “HP+”.

HP ENVY Inspire 7958e Manual (User Guide and Reference Guide)

HP ENVY Inspire 7958e Manual PDF

Download HP ENVY Inspire 7958e Manual Instructions

Refer to the operating systems compatibility to ensure the HP ENVY Inspire 7958e printer is compatible with your PC or Mac to avoid issues when installing or using the printer.

Download the HP ENVY Inspire 7958e User Guide and Reference Guide

The manual below includes a User Guide to teach the user how to use the printer and a Reference Guide to guide you on how to use the HP ENVY Inspire 7958e printer.

HP ENVY Inspire 7958e User Guide
Filename: c07773132.pdf
File Type: PDF
Size: 2.79MB

HP ENVY Inspire 7958e Reference Guide
Filename: c07779643.pdf
File Type: PDF
Size: 3.56MB

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The HP ENVY Inspire 7958e multifunction printer comes with an ADF but without a “real” fax. However, it is also possible to send faxes over the Internet using the “Smart App”. Almost all current HP desktop inkjet printers are now suitable for “HP+”. If you take part in this program, you get some additional scan functions for two years at no extra charge and you can use the “Instant Ink” ink delivery service for six months at no additional cost. All HP ENVY Inspire 7958e Manuals are copyrighted by Hewlett Packard, the customer agrees to the applicable license or other agreement from HP.

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